Becky Schnekser is an educator, explorer, field scientist, and advocate for all learners. She believes that education should not be a series of lessons, rather experiences that immerse learners in authentic skill based tasks. As educators, she believes, it is our responsibility to empower learners to pursue their passions in order to become the changemakers of the world not only in the future but in this exact moment. Young learners can do big things with effective lead learners by their sides and that is exactly the role educators should play in the lives of learners; lead learners. Becky pushes educators to reflect and evaluate their own influence on learners, believing that our superpower as educators is our ability and opportunity to positively influence countless lives every single day.
Learning does not wait for a skillfully crafted lesson or fabricated kit of materials, rather learning opportunities happen all around us, all of the time, educators must be skilled in identifying those opportunities and using them to lead their learners in obtaining knowledge and skills in authentic ways. When we see opportunities rather than obstacles, our teaching superpowers are further enhanced and create a powerhouse of authenticity and relevance in the lives of learners.
This is the heart and soul of Becky’s educational practices and philosophy.
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We don’t need any more encyclopedias; we need thinkers, changemakers, and explorers.

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

Expedition Science or Disrupting Science

Let’s rethink  how we approach and maintain authentic science for learners of all ages. What does science look like in the world around us? How can we take advantage of natural opportunities to teach our standards? How can we use science to engage learners in all subjects, science at the forefront rather than an afterthought? Learn how to shift current thinking and practices for science education into authentic experiences that engage learners as explorers and scientists rather than passive participants. 

This topic can be tailored as a keynote, workshop, breakout, or a combination of these. 

  • Evaluate current science practices

  • Develop a new way of approaching science topics

  • Integrate authentic experiences

Harnessing Your Educator Superpower

This motivational talk will share how, as an educator, your influence has the power to empower or break the spirit of learners. Becky shares her own journey as a student and educator to highlight the superpower of being an educator and how it will and does affect every learner, every day and for years to come.
  • Identify your educator why

  • Identify your educator superpower, what do you bring to education?

  • Reflect on educator-learner interactions

  • Develop a plan to reach and empower all learners

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education can be used across subject areas and with learners of all ages. Whether you have a dedicated intentional space for learning outdoors or a concrete jungle, the outdoors provide natural learning opportunities in all subject areas. Learn how to get started, maintain, or enhance an already existing outdoor experience for learners. 
  • Define outdoor education

  • Walkthrough examples of outdoor education integration

  • Plan an outdoor experience

  • Discuss risk management and classroom management practices


Price Range:

$500 - $1,499
$1,500 - $4,999
$5,000 - $7,500