Jen believes that kids deserve to do BIG, meaningful work and that all students are worthy of learning that is fun, challenging, and fulfilling. She is passionate about helping teachers maximize their planning time to make time for what is most important while still providing an incredible learning experience for every student. She is a current college instructor, former high school and middle school computer science teacher, middle and high school curriculum developer, and served as a Project Lead the Way Master Teacher. She is a skilled facilitator and has presented to thousands of educators at the local, state, and national levels, including at CSTA, Project Lead the Way Summit, ISTE, and International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). She is a Certified Agile Leader K–12 Trainer, coauthor of the Agile Educator Guide, and a 2018 ITEEA Teacher Excellence awardee. She received a 2021 CS Teaching Excellence Honorable Mention and served as a curriculum writer for Code.org's AP CS A curriculum.
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Please have Jen Manly back every year, she is the best presenter here that I have experienced!  She doesn't waste any of our time, she jumps right into the content, she's well-organized, well-spoken, smart, and shares fabulously useful resources!”

“She's a powerhouse! Great tools... grateful for that. I appreciate how she jammed through all of the information before answering questions.... efficient/effective.”

“Absolutely fantastic. I could have listened to this presenter for hours more. Interesting and important. This is the sort of teaching I strive to do.”

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

The Student-Led Classroom Toolkit

Keynote Talk / Breakout Session / 1 Day Workshop

All children deserve learning experiences focused on solving real world, authentic problems, allowing them to practice collaboration, communication, and creativity. In a world where more tasks and jobs are becoming automated, empowering our students to be collaborative problem solvers, creative innovators, and reflective, lifelong learners makes them indispensable.

Imagine: a classroom of 30 students, each working on their own, individual (or sometimes paired) project for a real world client. Both inspiring and daunting, right? While “21st century learning” is a popular ideal in today’s education conversation, few tools exist to help teachers facilitate authentic, meaningful learning on a full class scale.

In this session, participants will learn tangible tools and strategies to help transform their classrooms into places where students do work that matters to THEM right now. Through classroom management methods that empower student coaching and collaboration, assessment tools that amplify and inspire creativity, tips for building student tenacity, and strategies to manage 100+ unique projects all at once without losing your mind, teachers will leave this session ready to transform their classroom from student-centered to student-led.


  • Discuss the difference between classroom management and classroom leadership
  • Identify how to lead students through authentic learning experiences
  • Review different strategies to create systems and space for student leadership and tools for authentic assessment
  • Leave with tools to implement these strategies within your own classroom

Rethinking Teacher Self-Care:
Maximizing Planning Time to Make Time for You

Keynote Talk / Breakout Session / 1 Day Workshop

If the 2021-2022 school year taught us anything, it's that teachers need their time back. Following this session, teachers will leave with a plan to increase their efficiency without compromising their effectiveness as an educator. 

In this interactive session, teachers will explore three keys to navigating the unique challenges of teaching in order to maximize both their effectiveness and efficiency: setting boundaries, creating systems for both students and themselves, and leveraging their strengths to maximize their impact. With a focus on actionable strategies, teachers will explore ways to streamline both their class processes and workload to help them feel good about working their contract hours... making time for the things that are most important to them.


  • Identify strategies for setting boundaries during the school year for educators
  • Explore systems to streamline work and improve efficiency
  • Create personalized systems for teachers and students to maximize efficiency
  • Conduct a time audit and personalize a work schedule that prioritizes the most important work

    Group Work that Works

    Breakout Session / 1 Day Workshop / 2 Day Workshop

    Isn't it time that classroom group work evolves to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace? Through true project-based learning, students break down large scale group projects, learn to prioritize the most important tasks, and hold check-in meetings and  retrospectives. Agile brings learning to life and gives them skills that mirror those used in the real world. What’s more, students effectively collaborate, communicate, and create, giving meaning to lessons and increasing student agency.

    Through true student-led learning, agile education empowers students to utilize structures to better assess, self-monitor, plan and reflect on their own learning. Experience how agile solves common classroom challenges, evokes engagement, fosters human connection and empowers student growth.


    • Identify two ways an agile project management supports student choice and collaboration
    • Complete an agile project simulation to experience how agile can facilitate effective group work as a student
    • Discuss considerations for assessment and classroom management with agile project management
    • Develop an implementation plan for implementing agile within your classroom
    • Leave with immediately implementable tools and resources that you can use immediately to implement agile in your classroom

    Reach All Learners Without Sacrificing the Rigor:
    Let’s Differentiate!

    Keynote Talk / Breakout Session / 1 Day Workshop

    You’ve been there: In any given lesson, the majority of the class may be keeping pace, while a handful of students are bored and another handful are struggling. While you know that each of your students has unique needs, there isn’t enough time in the day to plan, assess, and provide high-quality feedback to help students learn.  Imagine instead that your classroom had structures in place so that every student could progress through the content at their own pace, freeing up time for you to work with the students who need you the most and empowering students to take ownership of their own learning.

    Differentiation doesn’t mean sacrificing mastery, and it doesn’t have to consume all of your extra time. Done right, differentiation of content, process, and product allow every learner to work toward mastery of the standards, while freeing up time for the educator in the room to do what they do best: teach.

    In this session, attendees will explore methods to differentiate any lesson, with targeted strategies unique to the specific content areas. They will leave with tools to immediately change their classroom environment into one where every student has the ability to access rigorous content.


    • Discuss what differentiation IS and what differentiation is NOT
    • Analyze why differentiation is important for different student groups
    • Review three different types of differentiation and implementable strategies for each
    • Leave with a framework and tools to plan for differentiation within your own classroom

    Pricing Range:
    $1,000 - $7,500