E35 Civil Disagreement in the Classroom Pt. 2

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

This episode dives into the connection of communication and civics standards to every K-12 grade level and content area. We can’t be afraid to teach respect, empathy and citizenship because we might get push back. Good citizenship is based on humanity and respect. Behaviors that do not exemplify those tenets can be discussed so that our students can be better. We cannot teach our students that bad behavior is ok if it comes from someone we like. We can’t villainize those we don’t like.

Teach citizenship, teach respect, teach empathy, model humanity.

From Part 1:

As educators, teaching the next generation of citizens is a big part of what we do. We give students mottos and mission statement like be ready, responsible and respectful. We give schools mottos like Pro Scientia Atque Sapientia (for knowledge and wisdom) and Empowering all Students, Celebrating our Community, Inspiring Lifelong Growth and yet, when it’s time to teach civic responsibility, we allow ourselves to be bullied into not teaching our students the art of civil disagreement. If you want a better world, be the change and help your students to do the same. This episode provides scaffolded resources for helping classes to actively listen and respect differences.

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