Season 2, Ep. 3 – Diana Parafiniuk

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Join Jeff & Adam for episode 3 of their new season! Diana Parafiniuk is a seasoned and nationally recognized business leader in the tele-therapy market. Her company, E-Therapy, pioneered the tele-therapy industry in education with its innovative practices, services, and solutions and first-to-market approaches to serve PreK-12 schools and students. Diana is an honored recipient of the inaugural Women Achievers of Arizona award in recognition of her leadership in the online therapy field.

Leadership Journey

Started her company over 12 years ago.

The business started due to the lack of remote access to resources.

Obstacles in the way? – Working with schools (grants, related service through IDEA funding, Medicaid, etc.)

Prior to e-therapy, what were you doing…trunk of the car with wagons.

Traveling Clinic

How do we connect one another? – Diana

How do you gain trust and rapport through a digital platform?

We can still connect with kids, build relationships, work on engaging students. It’s a building-block process.

Health & Wellness within the organization (E-Therapy).

Community craved within the organization.

Digital community – key word: COMMUNITY

Hiring Process – ongoing

Leadership Challenge/Opportunity

Creating a safety net in as many places as needed and to be able to adjust when challenges arise.


I hope we stay awake.

I hope we maintain awareness.

No better return on investment than the success of a child.

Continue to fight the fight.



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