Season 2, Ep. 14 – Dr. Matthew Sowcik

Adam DeWittPrincipal Leadership Lab Podcast

Dr. Matthew Sowcik has been teaching for over 20 years and is currently an assistant professor of Leadership Development at the University of Florida.
Author of “The H-Factor” – Exploring the Intersection of Humility and Leadership to Move from Good to Great
Dr. Matt focuses his research on humility and the creation of organizational leadership programs. He also teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level courses concentrated on interpersonal leadership development, organizational leadership and advanced leadership theory.
Leadership Journey
  • Liked the idea of human behavior and leadership; From PA, went to NYC, got his PhD from Gonzaga; Wilkes U right out of his PhD; was recruited to come down to Florida to teach other PhDs on humility
In the book, talks a lot about being present.
The XFactor example of humility and how the singer’s lack of humility played a role in the discussion with his daughter.
Jim Collins –  humility and determination is what we need to move from good to great.
…companies like the Kellogg Company, Tinder, Kronos, E. & J. Gallo Winery, World Wide Technology, and Teach For America are just a few other successful companies that have committed to “humility” as a core organizational value. (from Matt’s research)
Humility as a mindset
We are incomplete until we take our last breath
…and where is it “taught” in the curriculum?
Humility allows you to take risks.
Why isn’t humility at the front and center?  Possible western culture of winning versus introspection.
What top two skills do you recommend that new educational leaders need to have at the ready?
Questions and action in the book will provide guidance.
Go back to humbling yourself.  Our perspective is just one POV.
Grow from your mistakes.  We need each other.
The Undercover Boss is a great example to observe without limits.  Ask, How do they need me?
Collective humility as an organization.
My own kids – my two boys, that they grow up and be wonderful humans.


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