Season 2, EP # 10 – Crissy Kumhala

Adam DeWittPrincipal Leadership Lab Podcast


Born and raised in Oconto WI

Cared for a Downs Syndrome child, led her to want to work with kids with special needs

Good leaders need to listen.

Don’t always try to fix it.

Listening from the board is difficult due to the appropriateness of the timing.  

“That’s why we trust you”

What keeps the trust strong from the board level? Every other month we hold board workshops.  The opposite month is a listening session.

Boards do not need to agree.  Discourse is welcomed.

Bring it back to the data, bring it back to the kids


HOPEFUL – take it away!

Have an open mindset in the classroom and stop thinking about what can go wrong?


Dr. Jeff Prickett

Adam DeWitt



Dr. Jeff Prickett

Adam DeWitt



Principal Leadership Lab

Dr. Jeff Prickett

Adam DeWitt


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