Episode 63 – Jeremy Blain – Game Changer of the Year

Adam DeWittPrincipal Leadership Lab Podcast

Join Jeff and Adam as they talk across the pond with Jeremy Blain.  Founder and CEO, International GameChanger of the Year
Jeremy Blain is an award-winning Business Leader, Futurist, New Era Learning Professional, Author & Conference Speaker.
AUTHOR: Inner CEO – Unleashing Leaders at all Levels
Jeremy is founder and CEO of PerformanceWorks International (PWI). He has created PWI because he knows that his experience, knowledge and passion can help organisations and individuals face into the changing workplace and help them be fit and ready for the future.
Jeremy is also a newly appointed Advisory Board Member of WDHB; one of the world’s foremost Industry 4.0 immersive learning experiences companies (leadership expeditions, community events and transformational learning interventions for the disruptive era).
Started in the 1990s and began at Procter and Gamble.
Self leadership was the first stage of his journey.
Leadership is about doing the right thing and management is doing the right work in the right way.
4 Levels of Leadership
Self learning
Learning from others
Learn by doing
Apply – put into practice
How to help people in the modern workplace?
How to help people be “Future Ready?”
5 Forces
Leadership readiness
Culture is shifting
Workforce is shifting
5th one???
Learning needs a bit of an upgrade in areas
Workplace readiness… can have a business set up in a day… self-driven experience/learning at a much earlier age
Not a career-for-life mentality anymore
Leadership readiness… how to get here.
Start hiring for behaviors not qualifications
70% is ok in the corporate world; speed is key.
Perfection is not the key, but the continued evolution.
The Potential CEO, taking ownership
It’s not just about stepping up and doing more
One CEO is not enough – there has to be a more collective approach.
“Stepping Out” – make decisions at my level
Challenge/Opportunity –
Fail fast, fail forward, fail often
Hopeful –
Learn quickly and a faster track to failing…


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