Episode 62 – Anna Liebel – The Zone of Genius

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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with CEO, Founder, Podcast Host of Genius Leadership: Overcoming Everything, Anna Liebel!
Believes that each of us has a zone of genius – unique to us.
As a Mindshifter, I help male leaders in tech get out of the firefighter mode, become the proactive Leaders they want to be, and enjoy the ride as they go.
The research is showing how beneficial empathy and vulnerability are in workplaces. Which are the traits normally nurtured in young women. Yet, how are our men brought up? “Be strong”, “man up”, etc. I see many male leaders who are great humans willing to be better at leading others, yet they were never taught to open up, show their emotions, and own their weaknesses. Given that most of the power positions are occupied by men, no wonder employee engagement is so low and mental health issues cost companies billions each year.

Raised in Ukraine, moved to Sweden, ended up in Iceland
Studied computer science and was often the only female
Helps male leaders in tech, more sustainable leaders, without burning themselves or their employees out.
Lack of empathy in men
Struggle to reach true equality
So many men are unhappy, unhealthy.
We are sentient beings – don’t need to necessarily teach directly.
Creating a safe place for my clients so they can explore these things
People do as we do, not as we say (much like our kids)
Practice what you preach
“Not everyone is ready for that”
For School Leaders:
Be patient
Get crystal clear on your “Why” – why do you WANT to transform?
What is your vision for your future self?
“Don’t let your legacy be seen only once you’re gone” – What is your Living Legacy?
Where are you going too far in your work? – When is “good” good enough?
It’s different, but it’s not wrong

Leadership Challenge
New country, young daughter, and new business.
This is re-learning journey
Need people to be able to call you out and bring you back
“I’m worthy just because I am”

Society that is empowered and to explore who we are.

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