Episode 45 – Ryan Scott – What’s your BigED Idea?

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Join Jeff & Adam as they chat with High School assistant principal and Host of the Big ED Idea podcast -from Dixon, Kentucky – Ryan Scott!
Mr. Scott served as Morganfield Elementary Principal in Union County. He has also served as an elementary teacher at East Heights and South Heights Elementary Schools in Henderson County.
Mr. Scott earned his Masters of P-12 Learning Behavior Disorders and his Educational Specialist Principal from the University of the Cumberlands. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Murray State University.

Ryan’s Leadership Story:
Non-traditional route to the principalship.
Oldest daughter was the best mistake he ever made.
16-22 he was a “lost child”
Held lots of jobs going through school, raising a daughter on his own
“Don’t be afraid of bodily fluids” – Kindergarten teaching
Overarching desire to make the world a better place as an educator.

New Podcast – Big ED Idea
Firm believer in “God winks.”
Encouraged/Inspired by the Men in Ed FB group.
When something tugs on your heart, you need to act
Visions of one with the passion of another.
Passions and purpose – Simon Sinek (sometimes it just takes other people’s passions to discover your purpose)

Leadership Struggle
Failing Forward – Spring of 2019
Dealing with depression
9 principals in 15 years
Contingency of “we’ve always done it this way”
Spring of 2019 – resigned: thought he should be able to fix everything, didn’t like to fail
Landed in a HS setting, and realized this was where he was supposed to be

Amazing changes in education (let’s not fall back to the assembly line).
Computers can be the platform to deliver content, but we are finding that teachers are more than deliverers of content.
We are STILL talking about “Future-Ready” when Future-Ready is HERE and NOW!
Anything that can be Googled should not be taught
Look at the 5 C’s and see how we can fit the standards into them
“Give them the leeway to do that!”

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