Episode 41 – Livia Chan – The Reacher Outer

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Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with our friend & colleague, Livia Chan! A passionate, grateful educator & ringette coach from British Columbia, Canada, Liv is a Head Teacher, PD lover, Blogger, Ambassador & Digital Content Editor @TeachBetterTeam
Livia’s Educator Journey
Didn’t always know she wanted to be a teacher
Always looks forward to Monday, unlike many who talk about looking forward to the weekend
Head Teacher – equivalent to a department chair/assistant principal; does admin work with the principal
Original degree in criminology.
Someone gives you the gift of belief
I want you to be in your stretch zone.

Kind of like ice hockey
30 seconds to score a goal

Working with Teach Better – the PLN Story
Started in April, Gargas invited her to join the podcast.
Has increased her duties with them since her involvement

Family atmosphere
“Had no idea I needed this”

So better equipped because of TB

Has been nicknamed The “Reacher-Outer”
The power of circling back, of reaching out to people when they are on your mind
The connector – it comes from a heart of gratitude
Every interaction is an opportunity
Google Form she keeps to document thoughts and phrases that resonate with her, reaches out to that author

Leadership Struggle/Challenge
Blended roles – No rules for the roles in a new position
Principal who was also new.
Managing all of these things and doing them well.

Teachers and leaders have a gift of providing an opportunity to provide the gift of belief for our students.
Let’s turn on the high beams so they can see what we see.
All teachers help children find what they love

Livia Chan on Twitter
Livia Chan Website


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