Episode 39 – Trelane Clark – Positive Pandemic Principal

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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with 1st year principal Trelane Clark!

Trelane’s Leader Journey

14 years old – knew she wanted to be an educator

Amazing educators as a student

Wanted to have her own school

Simmons College – Boston, MA

Taught 17 years

Public & Private schools

24th year in education

Lack of resources is biggest difference in sectors she has worked

Has worked as an assistant principal for 9 years

“The Pandemic Principal” – 1st year principal

Challenge along Your Journey

Likes to look at the positive side of a challenge – more of an opportunity

Has been, at times, the only black woman at schools where she has worked

Has felt she needed to downplay who she is to be able to work, bring her “full self” to work.

Has begun doing more equity work in the past couple of years

Equity Conversation

Culturally responsive teaching – adults should be doing the exact same thing

HEART work

If it’s not in you, it can’t come out of you

First job is as a mother

Affirm your kids as who they are, give them models

We can’t be “Box-Checkers” in this work


My own children. Hopeful for equity advocates who are deep in this work.


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