Episode 31 – Andy Jacks – The Green Light

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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Andy Jacks! Dr. Andy Jacks is an elementary school principal, and national speaker. For a decade, Andy and his team have led a transformation at Ashland Elementary to improve culture, student performance, and school discipline. They have sky-rocketed student achievement becoming one of the top-performers in the state all while implementing innovative student-led programs. Andy and Ashland Elementary have  received recognition including the VAESP School Bell Award, VAESP Virginia Principal of the Year Award, NAESP National Distinguished Principal Award, VDOE Excellence & Distinguished Achievement Awards, VDOE Distinguished Purple Star School Award, and a visit from the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

Andy is currently contracted by Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. for an upcoming book on school discipline and special education. Andy lives in Northern Virginia with his wonderful wife and three amazing kids.

More from the Andy Jacks Episode:

Never would have guessed that he would have grown into his current profession.

Consistency of 10 years

Trust and relationships
Empower people to take risks
Stoplight with ONLY the green light activated
Loose-Tight Mentality

School has changed because of the interests of staff – way more in tune to what staff and parents want

Principals impact school change more than other positions

Fellow for NAESP –

What’s your leadership story?

I wasn’t always a great principal.
I struggled and made mistakes. I can really only change myself.
You can’t make anybody do anything.  We need to get people to want to do “things.”

Aligned set of core beliefs – align your beliefs to your budget!

Previewing the new DBC book – Discipline and Leadership

You are defined by how you teach ALL of your kids

Leadership struggle

Clear belief systems and obvious with the beliefs, but avoid being hard headed.

“You can go fast alone, but further together.”  ~African Proverb

The Trust Cycle – get back to people, get things done for them quickly, otherwise they won’t ask for help again, or give you feedback again.

Hopeful For

The rate of change that our teachers have encountered.

You could be a rock climber.  Virtual options are showing us what school can be.


Twitter: @_AndyJacks


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