Episode 13 – Jeff Gargas “Be better tomorrow than today.”

Adam DeWittPrincipal Leadership Lab Podcast

Join Jeff & Adam as we sit down to chat with the COO & Co-Founder of the Teach Better Team!

Jeff Gargas and Chad Ostrowski built the Teach Better Team from the ground up on one major premise – to help educators be better today than they were yesterday and be better tomorrow than they were today. It’s not about the comparison to the teacher down the hallway or who you may follow on your favorite social networking platform. It’s about a pursuit of Better.

Jeff’s Background is NOT in education

web design, content marketing, social media management

Listen to Jeff talk about building the Teach Better Team

How do you support new teachers?

Get them setup within their first years to avoid burnout.

Leadership Struggles?

Concept of taking opportunity from others if you DON’T delegate
Trust what you know
You don’t have to earn my trust.  I’ll give it until you lose it.

What gives you hope?

Teachers are my hope.

What do you want to leave listeners with?

“Be better tomorrow than today.”


Twitter:  @jeffgargas

Website:  Teach Better

Instagram:  _jeffgargas


Dr. Jeff Prickett

Adam DeWitt



Dr. Jeff Prickett

Adam DeWitt



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Dr. Jeff Prickett

Adam DeWitt


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