Show 99: Relationships MATTER and they WILL Impact Academic Success

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Dr. Nancy Miles is a grounded, authentic, passionate educator always setting forth to do best by students.  She has a diverse experience in teaching almost every elementary grade-level and her seasoned approach is apparent in this episode.  She is all in on relationships and student-centered learning.  She showcases how we can focus on the behavioral expectations of choice and allow that to transition into the academic expectations of choice-based learning.
  • Nancy started a career in marketing, and after having children went back to education to become a teacher.
  • She started in a multi-age classroom and learned she needs to meet children where they are.
  • Relationships matter in marketing in sales, and that is completely transferable to the classroom and how teachers interact with students.
  • Take the time for relationships with former students to nurture and thrive.  It will impact your relationships with current students.
  • Student-centered learning doesn’t happen over night.  It is a dedicated, committed, systematic approach from the teacher constantly relinquishing control.
  • If you are trying to create a more student-centered environment, just start with giving them simple choices.
  • When you want to control your classroom, giving students these choices can be extremely difficult.
  • Strategies for scaffolding  towards a choice-based classroom.
  • Using phenomena to teach concepts first and follow-up with vocabulary second.
Twitter: @milesnawmiles

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