Show 98: A Leader for Life

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It is amazing to sit down and talk with Dr. Winston Sakurai.  He has a diverse, impressive, vast experience in education.  Through all his positions, he has always had a clear sight set on doing what is best for students.  He champions their leadership and supports teachers in every way possible.
  • Winston had an amazing start to his career, working on the state board of education side to support and push education in a positive way.
  • His first teaching experience was as a long-term substitute where he learned the ropes of teaching
  • As a building leader, Winston encouraged teachers to allow students to be the leaders.  At assemblies, graduations, and leadership classes.
  • They created leadership classes which changed the mindset around student leadership.
  • Providing students with true ownership, including the budget for a project, to allow them to learn through the experiences and attach emotions to remember it forever.
  • Creating opportunities for students to obtain ownership in the classroom with specific lessons.
  • Winston questions Ken and Matt to see how the pandemic has shifted education for us in Pennsylvania.

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