Show 83: Reflections and Advice from a Retired Teacher

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It was a pleasure to speak with Terry Wetzel in this show, with-in just a few weeks of Terry officially retiring from public education. Terry was a teacher, technology coordinator, and administrator.  The knowledge, wisdom, and authentic insight he offers is very special for our audience. We can have a direct impact on the way we view our experience as teachers a s well as a direct impact on our colleagues.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Students today are not any different than students twenty-eight years ago.  They need the same guidance, the same commitment, the same relationships.  However, they are very different, and they should be.  Society is different, we are different, we should embrace these changes.

  • Our pursuit of innovation is needed, but we don’t have to overcomplicate it.  We should find ways to change the student experience.

  • Being innovative in your space, providing students trust. In order for our students to operate at a high-level we need to treat them at a high-level.

  • Move away from the rhetorical information that students can search, we should move towards experiences where they explore the curriculum.

  • Advice for a second year teacher: relationships matter, relax but be dedicated, stay away from the negativity

  • Strategies for feeding into the positive culture of the school. Administrators should hold teachers accountable when they are not pulling their weight.

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