Show 82: Summer PD Series 9, The Joy of Teaching, Back to School Special

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So much wisdom, insight, and joy! So thankful to be able to learn from Christopher Albrecht and all of his stories. This is a must listen for all teachers. Click To Tweet

Time to set our mindset in the right direction as we prepare for the launch of the 2022-2023 school year. We thought of no better guest than bringing back Christopher Albrecht to help us out. The beginning of the year we don’t need to have a big song and dance. We should focus on the values of the classroom that we want to perpetuate throughout the year. It’s important we listen to the students and adjust our approach based on the students we have in front of us.  It’s our job to create an inspiring, appropriate, and empowering experience.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • View the start of the school year like Christmas morning, we should be anxious and excited!

  • A story of Christopher’s student who started a crochet club just because he listened to his students.

  • Observing your students in the beginning of the year to find their talents so you can empower them to help each other in the future.

  • It is our responsibility to set a positive first impression, it’s not just the on the students.

  • Establishing effective lines of communication with parents via phone calls, emails, and social media.

  • Advice on the first couple days of school, and actually keeping things simple.

  • Set an appropriate pace, and set that pace based on the students.

  • Take a risk on a student, because you never know where it will end up.

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