Show 79: Summer PD Series 6, Teach Like a C.E.O Part 3

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This was a great conclusion to the 3 part series on Teach Like a C.E.O. So many amazing tips for how the daily operations of your classroom can have a direct impact on students ability to learn successfully in stations. Click To Tweet

When students are leading the learning community, they have to have a passion for learning.  We can fuel that passion through a high-quality culture of learning.  In this third and final part of the series Teach Like a CEO, we learn the frameworks and systems for developing a holistic approach to student centered learning.  Part three focuses on the O in the acronym, Operations for Classroom Management. This is the foundation of the CEO framework because it is what empowers students to become effective decision makers.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Operations are more about systemizing the classic practices of classroom management so the teacher no longer has to turn the wheels him or herself.

  • It is easy to overlook the operations because it’s easier just to do it ourselves, but these operations set the foundation for a true student-centered classroom.

  • Automate the opening transition of a classroom so you can engage with students as they enter the room.

  • When we systemize transitions, we allow ourselves as the teacher to also successful move from subject to subject and class to class.  Transitions are very busy, and we need the time to mentally prepare for the next set of instruction.

  • Simple tasks such as taking attendance, should be handled by students and systemized to completion.

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