Show 77: Summer PD Series 4, Teach Like a C.E.O. Part 1

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This is an incredible framework to model after for achieving true student-centered learning. I can't wait to hear part 2 and part 3 next! Click To Tweet

When students are leading the learning community, they have to have a passion for learning.  We can fuel that passion through a high-quality culture of learning.  In this first of a three part series all about Teach Like a CEO, we learn the frameworks and systems for developing a holistic approach to student centered learning.  Part one focus on the C in the acronym, “Culture for Learning”. If we want and expect students to navigate content independently, they have to become a part of a classroom culture that values learning.  Ken showcases specific strategies you can embed into lessons and projects that encourage this exact culture.

  • Defining the C.E.O framework.

  • Understanding what a culture for learning is and how it impacts student engagement.

  • Analyzing the three levels of student led systems.

  • Specific example of a project, applicable to K-12, that showcases how a teacher can implement systems to fuel student-centered learning while also creating a stronger culture for learning.

  • Specific example of a simple system to embed into classrooms to motivate students to take a stronger ownership in the learning process.

  • Reflections on how this will impact lessons.

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