Show 65: Unlocking the Creative Child With-in

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JoAnn Nocera left her successful career on the foreign stock exchange and went into education.  She has never looked back and always had her eyes set on bringing out everyone’s creativity.  She took the crayons out and let her students shine. An educator’s ability to be flexible at the moment can be the biggest key to a successful lesson. Creativity becomes a keys to a student’s success. We need to stop setting restrictive expectations for students that prevent them from taking risks and trying to grow.  It is amazing what students can accomplish with one piece of tin foil!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • An educator’s work ethic, organization, and motivation truly do matter to creating a successful teacher.

  • How to read students and know if you need to shift the direction of a lesson.

  • How a bird feeder inspired an amazing experience for students and for JoAnn.

  • Using manipulatives and kinesthetic learning to activate students’ minds.

  • Changing our approach to meet students where they are and unlock their fullest potential.

  • Students learning from other students.


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