Show 111: Engaging Students with the Local Community

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Kelly Shrein is the 2022 Alaska Teacher of the Year. She has embraced her community in Anchorage, Alaska to create a more meaningful, authentic, and engaging curriculum. Students are constantly engaged in learning objectives that can have a direct impact on the local community. The authenticity of learning expands into her classroom conversations. The third-grade students are well-versed and able to participate in mature discussions.
  • The community and culture of Anchorage, Alaska create a unique teaching and learning experience for Kelly and her students.
  • The seasonal shifts of the sun in the winter and summer have a large impact on the mental health of students and it’s something teachers have to consider and help with students.
  • Creating opportunities for safe failure and helping build resilience.  When a level of trust is established it creates a foundation of relationships.
  • She is involving the community in hands-on experiences, such as dissecting salmon.
  • Creating opportunities for students to engage in conversations with each other. It’s important for them to learn from each other and establish their own positive relationships.
  • Purposefully plan your lessons to incorporate student experiences and communication.
  • Model the listening and respect skills we teach to our students.
  • Connect with other students from around the country on Facebook,  “Mrs. Letcher’s Postcard Exchange”, “teachers ask teachers”, and teachers searching for other teachers.
Twitter: @KellyShrein


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