Show 107: The Science of Motivating Students

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This was incredibly informative. It is fascinating to know the physiology behind what we truly need to do to help our students become intrinsically motivated. Click To Tweet
Don Berg brought a new perspective to the podcast and we are so grateful for his time and this episode. We broke the script with educator guests and talked with a psychologist.  We dive deep into student motivation and how we can best foster that learning environment for students.  The harsh reality is, we cannot motivate a person.  We need to create opportunities for students to create their own motivation.
  • Don Berg is a certified psychologist and has focused on student motivation.
  • Dive into the science of motivation and engagement as it relates to classrooms.
  • The harsh reality is that students only learn what they want to learn. If they don’t want to, they won’t.
  • You cannot motivate someone, they can only motivate themselves. We can create opportunities to tap into the three necessary components of motivation:
    • Autonomy
    • Relatedness
    • Competency
  • It’s not just about the relationships between one student to the teacher, but students as a whole.  Those relationships across the classroom are key to supporting successful learning.
  • Collective illusions are a disparity between the individual opinion and the perceived opinion of society as a whole. There is a notion that our society demands results from standardized tests, and yet everyone on a personal level agrees people do not value standardized tests.
  • Creating classroom autonomy is key, and cannot just be based on giving choices.

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