Show 102: Technology to Increase Student Agency

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Debbie Tannenbaum 23rd year in teaching and 5th year as a technology coach.  She brings a consistent, realistic, and authentic light into the world of instructional technology.  Her approach has a single target: improve learning experiences for students.  Technology is a tool to help us facilitate a learning environment that will encourage students to be creators, not consumers.
  •  The shift from COVID was a forced innovation. Teachers are now much more welcoming to the idea of coaches and technology.
  • Technology can help facilitate a Universal Design for Learning philosophy of teaching. It provides students multiple ways to access the same content and skills.
  • Digital natives versus digital literacy.  Our students are not digitally literate if we do not teach them.
  • We need to teach students icons and skills to navigate devices independently.
  • As the teacher, start using the phrase “activities are for you or for me.  If it’s for you, I can’t promise I will provide you feedback.  If it’s for me, I will. However, you can always ask for my feedback.”
  • It doesn’t need to look perfect, sounds perfect, or be perfect.  Especially when students are making videos.
  • Real authentic paths and experiential learning: choice boards, webquest, student-centered.
  • Project Zero from Harvard: Thinking routines, scaffolds to help reveal student thinking
  • Become a connected educator, leverage social media and different organizations like
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