Show 100: Leading a Culture Where All Students Succeed

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Norah is a well-rounded, experienced educator.  She has taught in special education, led buildings as an assistant and lead principal, and now services the entire district as special education and curriculum supervisor.   Norah is using her background to create systems and transform school cultures to create the most successful environments for students.
  • When you feel burnt out in education, seek a purposeful change and fuel your own fire.
  • We have to help equip regular education teachers to best service all students and help special education teachers best support all.
  • Students should not need a label to get personalized support.
  • As a building leader, creating systems to be more preventative and less reactive.
  • SEL has empowered our teachers to better support students from a proactive stand pont and providing concrete ways to approach what students need most.
  • It is important to create quantifiable measures to evaluate our own success of servicing students.
  • If you want to shift a culture in a school, you first need to evaluate where you are currently at. What is the current culture?
  • We have to pay attention to the whole child and allow it to impact our instructional strategies.


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