16: You are enough. – Chuck Poole shares stories from his 19 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and mentor.

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Episode 16 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

Middle school language arts teach, and founder of Teachonomy, Chuck poole, shares stories from his 19 years of experience.

Chuck talks about how a failure as a coach lead him to make invaluable changes in his classroom, instilling a mindset of family and allowing his students to take ownership of their learning. Most importantly, Chuck reminds us all that we are enough; no one brings exactly what you do to the classroom.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:01 – Chuck describes himself.
  • 5:10 – Chuck’s failure.
  • 11:22 – Chuck’s success.
  • 15:32 – What Chuck is excited about in eduction right now.
  • 18:20 – Chuck’s advice for new teachers.
  • 21:12 – 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.
  • 25:48 – 2 minute overview of Chuck’s “UN-Series” books.
  • 27:27 – How to connect with Chuck.

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