Episode #211: Ashley Hubner

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Ashley Hubner is an Instructional Coach and Curriculum Specialist who has served in many roles in education from elementary school teacher to Curriculum Lead. Her degrees include a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and Principal Certification. She served 13 years in the public school system, then transitioned into an educational consultant role where she has worked with curriculum companies to build quality educational experiences for students and with school districts to build instructional capacity among staff.

Trenches story:  When her father in laq passed, COVID was spread across the family, and it became hard for her mentally to focus on work. Her emotional capacity had been spent. She had to rebuild relationships and set work boundaries. She had been working to implement an online curriculum with virtual learning. She coaches teachers about going through the emotional cycle of their work life. She had been off campus more than on campus. Her personality changed + her teachers observed it. Had to reset boundaries. Took her almost ½ the school year.

Talk about your new book: Foundations of Instructional Coaching (went live 9/13). Why now, who can benefit from it? How is this different from other books about Instr. Coaching? Stemmed from 8 years of being an instr. coach. Left the public school system in 2021 to go into consultancy. Coaches are told “go coach”. They needed something to relate to in order to navigate the position. Different from Knight, Aguliar, etc. because it’s more about her personal journey. How people can find community, process within the theme of the book. She has tons of resources. Inst. coaches may be hired for literacy, math, tech.

What are your hopes for the book? Will do an online book study, started on FB in Dec. 1x/wk. 6 chapters, will offer for free. Book study is meant for newer coaches who just left the CR. Is advertising on IG. It’s on Confessions of a Coach.

She works FT for Reimagine Classroom as a team leader. It’s a curriculum company. K/12, higher ed. Stem focused. Does her consulting on the side. Talk about the shift from a school level, was the district curriculum lead to the RC org? RC contracts w/ any district. Has from Australia to private schools, works w/ state level agency.

Interventions– she was a math interventionist= it was her first jump into coaching. Had to close math gap. She helped t’s look at data, disaggregate it. W/in PLCs, t planning. Supported it as an instruct. coach. Progress-monitoring, 3 wk cycle.

Speaking Engagement topics: Was at TCEA (coaching conf) in Austin, TX in Oct. Talked about the coaching framework within your campus/district. Coaching equity within the CR. Supporting teachers and analyzing CR resources. Was @ Teach Better ’22-had a coaching framework session for administrators. She has a bank she can use to share with them. Walk thru what she believes guidelines should be. Will also have coaching equity in CR.

What kind of services do you provide thru the consultancy? I provide quality professional development at the campus and district level to improve classroom instruction within schools. I am dedicated to impacting student growth by building capacity within schools through coaching, mentoring, and professional development. I enjoy working with stake holders to build instructional effectiveness within classrooms while cultivating a positive school culture. She thinks she has a gift of PD and providing experiences with teachers. Teachers coaching, coaching coaches. Mentor training. PLC team coaching. what is the PLC process, how to implement it.

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