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Brad Dude was born in Joliet, Illinois in 1948 and grew up in Buena Park, California. In 1970 he joined the Peace Corps in Micronesia as a Volunteer English teacher and then served as a staff member in both Samoa and Micronesia. Since then, Brad has spent the past 40 years in the field of international development, training and consulting. Brad has co-authored two books and published three others on the value of personal temperament and its influence on self-awareness, professional relationships, leadership and productivity. He holds a journalism degree from Northern Illinois University. He currently conducts seminars on temperament and leadership while continuing his writing efforts. As the owner of Brad Dude & Associates, Inc., Brad continues to work and partner with colleagues at Next Level Consulting, the Ascend Development Group and other organizations to provide consulting and training services for his clients.

Brad recently served as a co-coordinator of an executive leadership training program for government employees from Micronesia and Polynesia.  He is also a principal in Devbizexperts, a new company that provides services to non-profits, government, and private sector organizations.  Brad lives in New Orleans with his wife, Sue.  He has one son and three grandsons.

Trench story: did training programs for new Peace Corps volunteers coming to Marshall Islands. Did cross-cultural, language, technical training. Had 30 teachers. Went 1 day away on steamer. Used ES there as teaching platform. Had to march 1 mile to the ship. No ship was there. Trouble with the steamer. Would be there next day. Remote atolls. Was there as a volunteer teacher, then staff member. Camped out, made fires. Ship was delayed yet another day. Set up training classes right on the beach. Had discussion groups there. When ship came, ½ way to main island, 200 dolphins were on way.

Talk to me about some of your books/articles “Finding Eden”-action-adventure fiction about migration today. “Quick! I need to be a Leader in 30 Days!”-for people (like he worked w/ at NASA) who get promoted due to tech skills. They micromanage. He had to make a self-contained course. Finding Eden- came out in March. Used Micronesia experience to play into fantasy there. Like in Europe when ports were closed to asylum seekers. They go to an island like where he worked in Micronesia. Quick! I need to be a Leader in 30 Days! – from experience at Goddard Space Center. Oversaw teams to 5-10+.His class focused on giving them tools. Book came out of course. Leadership model, exercise, discussion topics. Ppl tend to look over shoulders of workforce. This book was an attempt to prepare.

What kind of schools/clients do you do training services for (such as NASA Goddard Flight Center) & Langley Research Center (NASA Site of Hidden Figures), Dept of the Interior)?  Did similar course at both places. Talked about temperament. Influences way leader approaches leadership. Dept of Interior-trusteeship for Native Americans. Identified needs of tribe. Accounting, educational side.

Anything coming up as school starts? Usually has worked with other companies. Worked with a Montessori school. Did Myers-Briggs assessment. People couldn’t remember their scores. They wanted to focus on temperament. Some research has said 85% “problem” kids have temperament issues. A lot of personality tests- enneagram. At NASA, participants who took the test in the past had forgotten their scores. Jim Harden & he developed a simpler model. Focused on part of their personality that gets them in the most trouble with employees. Model called “Basic Elements of Temperaments”. Used earth, air, fire, water. All apply to us.

Talk to me about your view/definition of personal temperament & its influence on self-awareness: Name of the game when it comes to leadership training. His model says there’s 4 elements of temperament we’re born with. In descending order ln like a stack of plates. Least like us is shadow temperament. When u see that kind of behavior, we have a negative reaction to it. Most teachers are often dominant temperament- earth. Air- enjoy competency. Can be seen as aloof, like Sheldon in Big Bang Theory. Fire- you never know that they’re going to do. Water- people persons. Enjoy developing people. Holding training programs. Have hard time saying “no”. All of us are dominant in 1. How does your shadow influence you? LinkedIn/FB groups-chat on temperament. His YouTube channel describes that. He has quick reads.

Some people ask how temperament applies to work with companies in Micronesia. Workplace culture & how it may be different –has done temperament workshops all over the Pacific. At live workshops, they have small group discussions. They sit in circles in their dominant groups. Sometimes a challenge could be that the water temperament is highly valued. Although people are born with the air temperament, they tend to sway towards water- pleasing others. He is doing a leadership quiz coming out soon. You can be a dominant fire. You may get a job in a bank. Structures, rules, etc. Example- for the police dept, we need earths & fires. We need waters also.

Key quotes…the idea that no matter where you are in your org, you can be a leader. Came out working at NASA. First one is being self-aware. Don’t wait on title to be leader.

Find Brad online at www.braddude.com all other social on website 40 Ways of Figuring out Your Boss a good resource for teachers.

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