Episode #189: Dan Edwards

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Dan Edwards is an Education and Business speaker, UNConferencer, Consultant and Writer. He has worked in education for many years and have held leadership roles in both the secondary and primary sectors. Most recently, holding the role of Principal for five years at a large inner-city primary school until finally moving into Executive leadership. Throughout his journey of leading change, he has amplified the need for staff development, care, and well-being for all to achieve and sustain positive organizational culture. Coupled with the need to ensure consultation runs through the heart of any organization – giving everyone a voice. With extensive senior leadership experience in business, education and industry, he works with organizations that want to do things differently. In addition to his work as an independent consultant, he is a regular columnist for a number of publications sharing my views and guidance on leadership, organizational culture and creativity and he’s currently writing his first book to be published internationally in November 2022.

Trench story: how we have climbed out of Covid and how we can use lessons learned from the pandemic to move forward.

Recent change to consulting fulltime– works with schools, businesses, how do we bring back operational level to leadership. In the UK, Canada, US, people feel different about concepts of leadership. We need to develop emotional intelligence. Dealing w/ great resignation. Works with individuals & groups about how to organize culture- lighthearted leadership.

What are you taking from your work as principal to working w/ schools? Place work w/ schools into business sector- we lose our way with values, staff appreciation.

Professional development making sure leaders are being self-reflective. How we can change leadership. How many orginazations are really talking to staff about next steps forward? Those are the fundamentals; he’s seen this already since departing the principalship.

Tell me about your upcoming book- supported by “School Rubrics”, about org of culture. Offers 5 clear steps of process. Based in education but ultimately, it’s transferable. Fingers crossed, in November, it will be published.

Over in Ohio during October for PD– he’s a “featured speaker”, at the Teach Better Conference. did a preamble on Aug. 8 on the Teach Better podcast. “Adventure on its own”. Will focus on opportunities we’ve let slip thru our fingers the past 2 years. It’s a chance to think about where we were, are and how we can use that opportunity. Have we empowered or disempowered students. He will be available to consult with schools/districts in OH for about a week.

Out of everything we’re not there yet. We could fall into a sense of complacency. Don’t lose sight of what we’ve gone thru and where we’re going.

Find Dan on Twitter: @  danedwards_77   IG: @im_danedwards      LinkedIn also

Website: www.imdanedwards.com  with a new blog every 14 days

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