Episode #186: Gopi Schomaker

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Mother Gopi Gita guides parents in leadership to empower their child’s social environments. Her clients’ grown children lead teams across the US. As vice principal of a private school, and educational consultant for an international society, she mentors thousands of parents, educators and children using classic bhakti principles from the east. Her new book Leadership Parenting: empower your child’s social success Get It — Mother Gopi Gita launched June 30.

Trench story has taught 22 years never seen so much dishevel by parents/kids as in the past 2 years. Is currently an educatoional consultant for an international society. Kids have a developmental phase from ages 3-8. She worked as a a lower ES teacher. It’s her sweet spot. Is now VP at a lower ES school. Has grown kids. In Jan 2021, she got a call from student whose mom was in hospital. Child poured out their feelings.

Share a client success story. (Through the counseling organization). Most parents come when kids are having problems, bullying etc. How can parents help their children? She gives tips on techniques they can use with child. Peer interactions. Hot/cold dynamic with kids. Esp after remote learning. She has amazing success stories from parents. Launched the current program in Feb 2021. Dysregulated child is then happy. Child pauses reactivity. Montessori peace flower.


Tell me more about your new book, Leadership Parenting: empower your child’s social success, walk me through the writing process, length of time. Was about 10 years in the making. 3 months full-on work. Lots of grammar/revisions. Watching kids’ dynamics. Book for parents-opening their eyes how she can help. Is “how to empower your child’s social success”. Parenting strategies. Taken from Bhati tradition. Sanskrit. She worked late at night to help these kids. Concepts flowed in writing.


What does spirituality have to do with leadership empowerment? Meditation- she follows the Bhati practice. Taking moments of time w/ your child. She introduces mantra meditations in Sanskrit. Invigorating a child’s inner space. We want to invigorate a need that’s not been met. Envision child’s leadership qualities. She guides parents thru communication skills, knowing your child’s purpose. Playground is her meditation space. Seeing a kid crushed. Process of communication. How to deal with mistakes. It’s part of the growth process. If you’re tied to an internal source. Spend time in mindfulness.


What meditation do you recommend for kids and why? mantras you do with kids. Conscious, active intention. Toys, objects you work with. Bringing in certain words. Ground in your purpose. Then you start to emphasize. For kids to start an empathy process, be firmly rooted.


How can young children be connected to leadership? She works in a school with multi-level classroom. Wants to normalize leadership. It’s about helping each other to achieve a common goal. Give them opportunities to learn from each other. Children will listen attentively to others that way, strengthen their own skills that way. You can start those practices in the house. Leadership doesn’t mean bossing ppl around. It’s about serving others. Engaging others in a collaborative space.  The best definition is everyone together working to empower each other in a common goal. Working with kids in collaborative environments. Inquiry-based lessons. Decision making. Peers learning from each other. Story about student who brought in book after fall break. She wanted to share it. She shares how to do this in the book. Also, for teens- her son has done it with her organization. A process to get there. Book takes you step by step.

Key quotes…she flipped the script first on me! She then says “Parents need care. We don’t always have the tools to deal with situations. Rest yourself. Find your peace Click To Tweet”.

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