Episode #156: Bill Renner

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Bill Renner is principal and chief storyteller of The Amazing Spencer Elementary in Brighton, Michigan. He serves his elementary school with a daily focus on relationships by laughing together, focusing on success, and learning from failure. Whether serving lunch, helping his staff reach their goals, or offering to assist a student with a task, it’s daily servanthood for Bill.

In addition to leading, he’s the creator of a weekly parenting podcast, A Dash of Salt, where he shares his insights as a principal and his other favorite title, Dad. Bill’s no stranger to the rigors of the classroom as he’s taught as a kindergarten, first grade, fourth grade, and fifth-grade teacher. He holds a BS in science and early childhood education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.

Follow Bill on Twitter: @rennerbill Insta: @theamazingspencerelem and listen to his parenting podcast: A Dash of Salt www.buzzsprout.com/1131905


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