10/25/18 – AR and VR in Education – Jeff Gargas (@jeffgargas)

Teach Better TeamMasteryChat Questions - PAST


#Mastery Chat Questions for Thursday, October 25, 2018

Topic: AR and VR in Education
Moderator: Jeff Gargas (@jeffgargas)


Intro/Welcome: Welcome to #MasteryChat! Please introduce yourself. Let us know where you’re at, your role in education, and one piece of EdTech you cannot live without.

Q1. Tonight we’re talking AR/VR in education. To make sure we’re all up to speed, how do you define/describe Augmented Reality and/or Virtual Reality? #MasteryChat

Q2. Augmented and Virtual Reality are becoming popular around the world in many industries. What is your experience with either AR or VR in your personal life? #MasteryChat

Q3. There’s no denying the fact that AR/VR is coming (some say it’s already here). What are your thoughts? Is the rise of AR/VR good for education? #MasteryChat

Q4. While VR may be a bit further out, AR is becoming more common in classrooms by the day. What ways have you seen AR being used in education? Maybe you’ve tried it yourself? #MasteryChat

Q5. If you’ve used AR/VR in your classroom, what are you go-to tools? #MasteryChat

Q6. Challenge accepted? Think of a way to use AR or VR in your classroom. How will you enhance your instruction, a routine, or an experience for your Ss? Commit to trying it out and sharing your journey with us! #MasteryChat

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