1/10/19 – Making Thinking Visual – Clint Wilcox (@cwilcoxKSU) and Julie Woodard (@woodard_julie)

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1:10:19 Chat - Thursday

#Mastery Chat Questions for Thursday, January 10, 2019

Topic: Making Thinking Visual
Moderator: Clint Wilcox (@cwilcoxKSU) and Julie Woodard (@woodard_julie)


(8:00 ET) Intro/Welcome: Welcome to #MasteryChat! This week is all about Visual Thinking! Please share a visual that is meaningful to you, and tell us why this image is powerful to you!

(8:05 ET) Q1. What does the term “visual thinking” bring to your mind?  #MasteryChat

(8:10 ET) Q2 From Vanderbilt University on Visual Thinking: “A well-designed visual image can yield a much more powerful and memorable learning experience than a mere verbal or textual description.” Via https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/visual-thinking/ Why use visual thinking in the classroom or with colleagues?  #MasteryChat

(8:20 ET) Q3 There are so many visual thinking tools that we can use as educators: visual note-taking, sketch-noting, graffiti walls, and more! What have you tried with students or colleagues and how did it go?  #MasteryChat

(8:30 ET) Q4 Visual support is a phenomenal tool for ELLs and others with assorted language learning challenges, but that isn’t the only way it’s awesome! What additional uses have you found for visual thinking and visual presentations? #MasteryChat

(8:40 ET) Q5 How do we structure note taking for students to make it more meaningful and effective? Share your thoughts!#MasteryChat

(8:45 ET) Q6 Goal setting time! Think about plans you have for upcoming learning opportunities with your students. How can you find a place to fit in some of these visual thinking strategies?  #MasteryChat

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