It Begins With Us! – Kristen Rhodes Beland

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Kristen Rhodes Beland is a 4th grade teacher at the Suzanne M. Henseler Quidnessett Elementary School in North Kingstown, RI. She previously served as an Integration Specialist implementing the SmART program developed by Brown University and has been involved in the integration of technology into the district, providing PD at their annual Google Summit. Over 14 years she was the lead theatrical director for schools theatrical productions, bringing together groups of 75 students to gain confidence and voice through acting. In 2013, she was a Golden Apple Award Recipient. Recently, Kristen was a 2018-19 Teach Plus Rhode Island Teaching Policy Fellow. Through this experience she testified to the Commissioner of Ed to revamp teacher education programs, led a Trauma Informed Committee at her school, and has begun writing. Kristen is passionate teacher leader always thinking about the scope of education and its effects on all students.

Twitter: @RhodesBeland

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