Fired Up – Brent Bogan

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Brent Bogan has been an educator for 13 years.  He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with 3 degrees (Bachelor’s Degree in Geosciences, Master’s Degree in School Administration & Supervision and an Education Specialist Degree in School Administration & Supervision).  He has experience in teaching World History, World Geography, United States Government, and Dual Credit Sociology at the high school level.  Bogan has served as a Dean of Students at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Currently, he serves as the vice-principal of Christiana Elementary in Christiana, Tennessee.  He has authored 7 books on education including “Flipping the Classroom” and “Unconventional Classroom Management.”  He is passionate about integrating technology within the classroom and connecting lessons to real-world experiences. He is also a speaker through his professional development company, Unconventional Teaching.  You can learn more about Brent Bogan by visiting 

Show Highlights:

– Book “Flipping The Classroom”

– Take time to explore your passion

– The Unconventional Path To Leadership

– Be A Catalyst For Learning

– Failure Is An Option

– Meetings Where People Want To Listen

– Michael Jordan Quote

– Twitter: @BrentBogan

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