How To Use Historical Fiction To Teach Black History

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In this episode:

You will learn how to use historical fiction to teach black history. Turns out you don’t have to wait until Black History Month to teach it. 

I talk about:

Why using historical fiction helps you expose students to a variety of accomplishments by black Americans outside of the civil rights movement. 

How to roll out your historical fiction unit of study. 

What three skills your historical fiction unit should include. 


 -Black Americans have done and accomplished a variety of things not only during the civil rights movement, but before and after.

-Historical fiction is a great genre to use to dive into various lessons related to fiction, but on a deeper level. My top three focuses would be character motivation, setting and conflict.

-Reading historical fiction is my favorite way to learn about history. It’s my favorite genre to use to teach students about important people and events in history and is a great way to review and dive deeper into various fiction skills. 

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

Historical Fiction Unit 

The Mini Lesson Revamp Bootcamp 

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