#Edtech Teaching Practices… Should They Stay or Should They Go?

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Episode #120: Should It Stay or Should It Go

Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is Episode 120 called “Should It Stay or Should It Go”   In this episode, we’ll discuss some popular educational acronyms and discuss whether they still have a place in education and edtech.  We’ll also share some updates on our fall/winter presentation schedule for this coming school year.  This is another episode you don’t want to miss, check it out.

Segment 1: Updates

  1. Teachbetter Conference October 14th and 15th
  2. Presenting Edtech Throwdown with Stephanie Howell
  3. Podcasters Row
  4. Free LincSpring Virtual Conference
  5. https://linclearning.com/lincstream-teachers-2022/
  6. Shout out to our buddy Kyle Niemis who is a former edtech coach who is now working for Quizizz.
  7. Where motivation meets mastery https://quizizz.com
  8. Motivate every student to mastery with easy-to-customize content combined with tools for inclusive assessment, instruction, and practice.
  9. I really like Quizizz because it has been an awesome tool for engaging students both in and out of the classroom. You can assign games for homework or have students work on these engaging alternative assessments in class.  What makes Quizizz one of my edtech tools… it’s gamification features and the variety of question types.


@guisegotteched and @nickgotteched debate whether certain teaching practices still have a place in #education. They also talk about the #edtech that enhances different #teaching strategies. Click To Tweet

Segment 2:   Should It Stay or Should It Go?

  1. Blended Learning/Personalized Learning
  2. PBL- problem or project based learn
  3. Datanuggets
  4. HHMI biointeractive
  5. CBL – case-based learning
  6. University of Buffalo
  7. GBL – game based learning
  8. UDL – universal design for learning
  9. CER – claims, evidence, reasoning
  10. MicroLearning
  11. Microlearning is a form of spaced repetition learning, in which lessons are broken up into bite-sized chunks and repeated over time.
  12. This is said to help new concepts and skills sink in for the long term.
  13. PLC – professional learning community
  14. STEM or STEAM –
  15. STEAM, the difference lies in the way they approach scientific concepts. STEM focuses explicitly on the hard scientific, technological, engineering or mathematical skills to drive progress or create a new concept. In STEAM curricula, per The Conversation, students leverage both hard and soft skills to solve problems.
  16. VR/AR – virtual and augmented reality
  17. BYOD – bring your own device
  18. e-Learning – electronic learning
  19. EduTainment – The act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains
  20. Classhook
  21. Creation-Based Learning

Segment 3: EdTech Showcase

  1. UnRollME unsubscribe emails
  2. Knowt https://knowt.io/ notecards
  3. Unlayer email templates editor
  4. WowTo
  5. fontspace.com
  6. https://www.pixton.com/

Segment 4: Where to Find GotTechED

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