Episode 5 | Featuring Carli Parsons & Sandy Millar

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Carli Parsons and Sandy Millar are school leaders in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. They are the co-founders of InnovatED, a company dedicated to reimagining education to better prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

Carli has dedicated her career to motivating those around her to invest in the achievement and well-being of all students. Carli began her career teaching English and History and is a trained International Baccalaureate teacher. She has worked as a Student Success Teacher, Blended Learning Consultant and an E-Learning Teacher over her 14 years in education.

Sandy is the creator and director of the Highlander Innovation Lab, a new and innovative start-up incubator program designed specifically for high school students. Sandy taught Student Leadership for 8 years where he developed an innovative curriculum designed around project-based learning focused on developing global competencies in his students. He was also the Chair of the 2017 Canadian Student Leadership Conference.

Connect with Carli and Sandy!
Twitter: @mscarliparsons | @sandy_millar | @EdInnovat
Web: www.innovateeducation.ca

Bonus Content:
Dr. Dave Schmittou | @daveschmittouhttps://schmittou.net


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