Episode 1 | Featuring Jillian DuBois

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Jillian DuBois serves as an elementary educator in Clearwater, Florida, USA. She has been in the field of education for two decades. She is a recently published author and illustrator of Liv’s Seashells.

Jillian’s journey continues to bring much JOY and fulfillment as she thrives on building authentic relationships with her students and guiding their curiosity and wonder. She uses her voice to foster hope for student equity and empathy.

Jill’s passion is to initiate, instill, and infuse joy to those in education by focusing her efforts on learning and growing alongside colleagues and friends.

You can find Jillian spending her free time in the great outdoors on the beach or hiking new paths with her family.

Connect with Jillian!
Twitter: @JillDuBois22
Instagram: jilliande
Web : www.jilliandubois.com


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