Narrating the Learning Journey using Self-Assessment & Portfolios (w Katie White)

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast

“Goal-setting can be a moment when we linger in “What if?” What if we did something different? What if we applied a different strategy? What if we chose a different topic? What if we had a different audience?” - Katie White Click To Tweet

Too often, self-assessment is treated as a capstone, rather than a catalyst, and portfolios as a scrapbook, rather than a learning tool. On this episode, we go beyond the mistakes we’ve made with self-assessment and portfolios to discover how they can help students tell the story of their learning. Katie White is a Canadian author, consultant, and leader, and she joins Natalie to discuss practical ways that students can document learning, analyze evidence, and set goals while honoring their dignity as humans.

Show Notes:

  • Katie’s story as a curious disrupter. (4:30)
  • Tackling common misconceptions around self-assessment. (8:30)
  • Unpacking the quote, “Self-assessment is far greater than demonstrating compliance and perfection” from Katie’s most recent book on the topic. (13:00)
  • Portfolios; the potential and the pitfalls. (18:40)
  • Letting go and letting kids experience the consequences of their decisions. (26:45)
  • A process for documenting learning that disrupts perfectionism and honors student dignity. (28:30)
  • Delaying judgement in analysis by slowing down to notice and name. (37:30)
  • Engaging in goal setting by viewing mentor texts and imagining possibilities. (43:00)
  • The purpose of education. (51:15)

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