How can Assessment Cultivate Equity, Learning, and Community? (w Adelee Penner)

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast

“Having a student as a partner in assessment is so exciting because we get to see how that person would like to shine.” - Adelee Penner Click To Tweet

Assessment has many negative emotions attached to it due to the history of the word, yet it has so much potential to cultivate the equitable learning communities we all dream of. Adelee Penner has experienced the school system in a wide range of roles, from teacher to leader, public to private, and system-wide to independent. In the episode, we discuss how changing our approach to assessment can open our doors to each other as colleagues, and our students as learners.

Show Notes:

  • The etymology of the word assessment and why it feels like we’re living between definitions. (1:10)
  • The story of assessment for Adelee and Alberta. (7:30)
  • Unpacking the challenge of accuracy in assessment. (17:45)
  • Changing the professional conversation and opening doors to each other. (22:00)
  • Withholding judgment and increasing choice to advance equity. (24:25)
  • Partnering with students on their learning journey. (32:10)
  • Why do teachers come to school to demonstrate what they know? (38:20)
  • The purpose of education is shifting away from fitting into society, towards finding out who we are. (47:30)

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