Design Cast – Episode #90 – Anna McMahon – Enhanced Well-being

Jason ReaginDesign Cast Podcast

On this episode of #DesignCast I was so lucky to chat with Anna McMahon.  She is a well-being expert that specializes in working with schools and educators!  We talk about how the current situation in schools is having a lasting effect on teachers and students! I know that our discussion will be among the best thing you will hear today!

Anna is offering a special discount for her services for Design Cast listeners so be sure to check it out! Please connect with Anna through social media using the links in the show notes.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this chat with Anna McMahon!

Connect with Anna:

Twitter: @enhancedwb

Instagram: @enhanced.wellbeing

Website or Blog:

Facebook Page: Enhanced Wellbeing

Discount code for 1:1 Coaching and The Enhance your Wellbeing Course on my website:

Enter ‘ designcast20 ‘ in the coupon box at checkout for 20% off


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