Design Cast – Episode #87 – What would you tell your first-year teacher self?

Jason ReaginDesign Cast Podcast

On this episode of #DesignCast I was able to revisit the season 6 guests!  During the initial interviews, I asked each guest the same question.  That question was ‘if you could travel back in time and speak to your first-year teacher self, what would you say?’  I have put all of their answers into this episode.  I am curious as to what you would tell yourself!  Feel free to leave me a voice note at Anchor (link at the end of the show notes) or Speakpipe (

Guest in this episode include:

Troy Harkin
Josh Stamper
Ronald Ascensio
James Bleach
Steve Sostak
Kevin O’Shea
Jarrett Dunbar
Charles Hopkins
Paulo Cohen-Myers
Yvette Larsson
Alex Gray
OluCoonlay Issac

The clip order is different from the order in which the guests appeared in the season.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this season 6 special episode!


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