Design Cast – Episode #76 – Joshua Stamper – ASPIRE to Lead

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On this episode of Design Cast, I was lucky enough to talk to Joshua Stamper.  Josh initially used his artistic talent, creativity, and original ideas as a professional graphic designer. He then transitioned to inspiring students to utilize their imagination and creative expression in public education. Being unsuccessful as a student growing up, Josh never expected to be back in the classroom as a teacher, athletic coach, or administrator. His struggles as a student spawned a passion to change the education model, push the boundaries of traditional learning, and explore new innovative ideas. Josh has been a middle school Assistant Principal in North Texas for the past eight years, where he’s served at four campuses in two school districts.

In addition to his current administrative position, Joshua is the host of Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcastauthor of a new book, leadership coach, education presenter, and Podcast Network Manager for the Teach Better Team.

You can stay connected by using his social media connections:

@Joshua__Stamper on Twitter & Instagram

Or by visiting his website


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