Episode 95: Creating JOY in Unconventional Ways

Lindsay TitusDefine YOUniversity Podcast

This week’s episode shares with YOU 5 ways that I create and bring JOY into my daily actions as an assistant principal! These 5 ways are easily adaptable for any classroom, or any setting at all! They may be unconventional, but YOU can bet they are simple and easy to implement! And yes, they will help YOU create JOY in any setting YOU step foot into!

Take a listen and of course let me know what resonates with you and what you will taking away from the episode! As always, thank you for being YOU and thank you for supporting DEFINE YOUniversity!

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Ready for 5 easy and adaptable ways to bring JOY into any office or classroom space? Then this episode is for YOU! It's time to create JOY in your space and yes, it gets to be simple and easy! Click To Tweet