Progress Monitoring for Mastery Learning

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Watch video: Progress monitoring for mastery learning.

 Video Highlights Chad Ostrowski (@chadostrowski) breaks down progress monitoring in a mastery learning classroom. Progress monitoring can be your greatest tool to help manage mastery learning, hold your students accountable, and know what they need and when they need it. There are several ways you can monitor progress in your classroom, including tech and non-tech options. Progress monitoring needs … Read More

Creating a Mastery Grid in Google Docs (video)

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Creating a mastery grid in google docs - video

Working on your next Mastery Grid?  Video Highlights Editing a Mastery Grid template can get a little tricky when you don’t have the same numbers of learning opportunities at each level as the template does. Have no fear! This video will show you how to build your own Mastery Grids in Google Docs using tables and merging cells. Build … Read More

Live Webinar with ISTE New England – The Grid Method: Mastery-Learning System

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Interested in mastery-learning? Chad Ostrowski (@chadostriwski) shares The Grid Method – Mastery-Learning System, which we have spent the past several years sharing with teachers across the country. This webinar will give you an overview of the system, its components, and what it could look like in your classroom. Video Highlights The key components of The Grid Method. The reasons Chad … Read More

3 Mistakes Districts Make with Professional Development (PD) – Video

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3 Mistakes Districts Make With Professional Development - Video

How was your last professional development session?  Video Highlights Having worked with hundreds of districts around the country, we have seen some amazing PD sessions, and we’ve seen quite a few that just don’t work. What we’ve found is that most of those that don’t work, don’t work because of three key mistakes that districts make with PD. Districts … Read More

Mastery-Based Learning vs. Task-Based Learning

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Mastery-Based Learning vs Task-Based Learning (video)

Are you assessing for mastery or task completion? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys. Today I want to talk about if you’re assessing for mastery or task completion, and there’s a very big difference between these two things. Lot of times when we assign work we assess for completion of a task. And the problem with this is, … Read More