4 Things School Leaders Should Be Focused on This School Year

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4 Things School Leaders Should be Focused on This School Year

What should school leaders be focused on this school year? As we approach another new school year (or maybe you’ve already started), we should be looking to make some changes, or increase our focus on certain things, to prepare ourselves and our teams to have the best school year yet. But wait a minute…that seems like a pretty loaded task. … Read More

4 Rules for Communicating With Your Staff

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4 Rules for Communicating With Your Staff

How do you communicate with your staff? If you spend any significant amount of time with educators, you know that we value relationships. Building strong relationships with students is critical for creating a learning environment that is positive, effective, and impactful. In real estate, location is everything, right? Location, location, location! In education, relationships are everything. Relationships, relationships, relationships! And … Read More

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Next District PD Is Valuable (video)

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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Next District PD Is Valuable (video)

Was your last PD valuable for your staff? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys, it’s Chad from teachbetter.com. Today I want to talk about how you can make sure that the PD that’s provided for your staff gets the most value, relevance, and impact for the rest of the year. The first thing you need to do when … Read More

Standards-Based Grading and Behavior Characteristics: Connecting the Pieces.

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How do standards-based grading and behavior characteristics work together? Standards-based grading requires students to be evaluated based on their understanding level of each standard. While this continues to address gaps in the traditional grade book format, it draws a harsh line between student academic success and student behavior characteristics. More often than not, educators voice concerns about the ability to … Read More

5 Mistakes Districts Make When Rolling Out a New Initiative

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5 Mistakes School Districts Make When Rolling Out a New Initiative

How did your last district initiative implementation go? If we’re being honest, probably not as well as you had hoped, right? It’s okay…it’s not you. The truth is, most new initiatives don’t go all that well. We see it all the time, working with districts across the country. A new idea comes along, it seems to be the perfect tool … Read More