5 Ways to DESTROY Intrinsic Motivation in your Students

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5 Ways to DESTROY Intrinsic Motivation in Your Students

In this post: Intrinsic motivation is a powerful tool. Intrinsically motivated students are typically more able to overcome challenges Here are a few ways you can destroy intrinsic motivation in your classroom: Not providing students with ownership Not removing fear from your classroom Not being authentic Not building relationships Not focusing on learning Intrinsic motivation is a powerful tool that, … Read More

Collaborative Behavior Planning: Putting Students at the Helm

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In this post: Discover the biggest problem with most student behavior plans What is a student-led behavior plan? Steps to make a student-led behavior plan work for students and teachers Let’s get this out in the open: implementing and designing behavior plans to improve the behavior of challenging students is not an easy task. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they … Read More

#1 Tip for Classroom Management: Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

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In this post: Education must be more than neon paper, glittery notebooks, and one day after school events. Every time I work with a group of teachers on classroom management strategies, a groan takes over the room when I say that dreaded word….. Engagement! The endless misconceptions of what engagement actually means are the root causes of each groan. What … Read More

Swimming Lessons: Diving Into Blended Learning

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In this post: Learn what blended learning actually is and why it is so powerful Strategies for blended learning that you can do in 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and half a class Strategies for blended learning that transform your practices as a teacher I teach high school English, and when I heard the words “Blended Learning” for the first time … Read More

Change Your Grading Practices, Change Student Behavior

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In this Post: Classroom management is defined as the process by which teachers and schools create and maintain appropriate behavior of students in classroom settings Enhance management by finding time to meet with students for a more personalized approach to learning Make a deliberate choice to connect feedback to student understanding According to the American Psychological Association based out of … Read More