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Listen in as:
I share how creating systems that support you is the real self care.
You may be thinking Eva it’s late in the year who actually cares, but here is the thing anytime is a great time to create a system that supports you.
I talk about:
-What is a system, routine and habit?
-Why you need systems, routines and habits in your work life.
-How to incorporate systems, routines and habits into your day.
-I don’t really believe in the idea of work
-life balance anymore, and thank goodness, because life is hard enough without looking for one more way that we may or may not be measuring up.
-The goal should be to come to work fully rested, fully prepared and fully ready to be present in the moment with our students and not constantly thinking about the million and one things that we have to do.
-I’m going to teach you how to craft your routines for tasks that you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly, then you will have a chance to craft your very own daily routines checklist.
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Book a discovery call for one on one coaching or school PD Systems the Real Self Care Workshop
Link to book mentioned(affiliate links found below): Atomic Habits
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