9 Ways to Fix Your lesson Plans – A Nine-Part Series

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans

Why should you fix your lesson plans?

It is important for us, as educators, to always work to be better and continue our mission of reaching all students! Why? Because reaching 70% of your learners is not enough!

While reaching every single student might seem like an almost impossible task, it is one that we as teachers have dedicated our lives to accomplishing, and we can make it happen.

However, even with all of the drive in the world, it is common to find ourselves feeling lost in the shuffle of “new initiatives” and “data supported research.”

So where do you begin?

How can you be more effective as a teacher?

How can you create learning that is more authentic?

How can you get support in an over-filled classroom?

How can you gather supplies for your students?

How can you reach your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all at once?

What can you do to help students enjoy learning more?

How can you continue to connect with stakeholders?

These are all questions we’re going to tackle in this nine-part series. So, come on! Join me over the next few weeks, as we look at 9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans! Create stronger lesson plans. Take your teaching up a notch. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Start leading the pack!

9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans

Fix 1 : Align Standards, Targets, and Mastery Questions (Click to Read!)
Fix 2: Personalize Learning (Click to Read!)
Fix 3: Scaffold Student Learning Opportunities (Click to Read!)
Fix 4: Ask Your Students (Click to Read!)
Fix 5: Connect Your Content (Click to Read!)
Fix 6: Acquire Classroom Funding (Click to Read!)
Fix 7: Create Differentiated Tools (Click to Read!)
Fix 8: Assess Understanding, not Task Completion (Click to Read!)
Fix 9: Ask your PLN (Click to Read!)