06: A Team Effort – Bryan Zwemke talks about the power of collaboration and teamwork, and finding your balance.

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Episode 06 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

In this episode, middle school principal, and Vice President of the AIMS Network, Bryan Zwemke, talks with us about the power of teachers collaborating, and how working with his teams have lead to success for him. Bryan touches on what the core of any success is, what AIMS is all about, and finding your balance. Episode Highlights 1:55 – Bryan … Read More

05: Serendipity in Education – Allyson Apsey shares her story and how we can find the beautiful lessons that are embedded in our experiences.

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05 - Teach Better Talk - Allyson Apsey

 Elementary principal, and author, Allyson Apsey, shares her story, gives us a look into her book, and let’s us know how we can find the beautiful lessons that are embedded in our experiences. Allyson also gives us a sneak peek into one of her upcoming projects. Episode Highlights 1:55 – Allyson’s super proud to be an elementary principal. 3:36 … Read More

03: a “Grown-up Middle Schooler” – Josie Bensko shares what she considers a “success” in teaching, and some awesome advice.

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Episode 03 - Josie Bensko - Teach Better Talk Podcast

In this episode, we have a blast with middle school science teacher, Josie Bensko, who describes herself as a “grown-up middle schooler.” Josie shares a big failure from her first year of teaching, what she considers a “success,” and some really awesome advice. Episode Highlights 1:44 – Josie discussed the reactions she gets when she says what she does – … Read More

02: Relationships! Relationships! Relationships! – Ryan Sheehy bares his soul and shares his journey.

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In this episode, Ryan Sheehy, elementary principal and author, bares his soul as he shares the ups and downs of his journey to writing “Be The One For Kids” and what comes next. Ryan shares what “failing harder” means to him, the story of signing Eddie’s soccer ball, and one very important, final message for every teacher out there. Episode … Read More

01: Teaching Teachers – Adam Peterson chats about transitioning to teaching teachers.

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Episode 01 - Adam Peterson - Teach Better Talk Podcast

 In our first episode, Rae Hughart and Jeff Gargas chat with Adam Peterson, of www.adampetersoneducation.com, about his recent transition from 13+ years in the classroom, to now working with teachers all over the country. Adam discusses some of the challenges and excitement of the switch, what he’s most excited about in education right now, and offers some invaluable advice … Read More